We live in the age of the internet.The internet has affected all aspects of daily life and forever changed how the world connects and communicates. In China, recent studies have shown that 90 per cent of children have access to the internet; 56 per cent of children are less than five-years old when they use the internet for the first time. It’s like a door has been opened to an exciting new world of opportunity for children - a world of information, interaction, entertainment and participation in social life. They are a generation of digital natives. However, the internet can become like an invisible wall that separates children from their parents. Children are exposed to a myriad of attractions and challenges before they are ready. In the digital age, parents and caregivers need to start a conversation with their children about how to stay safe online and take steps to make it happen.


Through this art installation, we hope to give parents and caregivers an insight into the online experience of children. The aim is to enable children to enjoy the many benefits of the internet and to stay safe from harm online. 


Communication | Understanding | Accompaniment

Create a positive online experience for children